Client/Advisor Expectations

What You Can Expect

You can trust that we will consistently and responsibly perform all requested services and that we will be available when you need us

We will treat you with respect, honesty and dignity

We will act as your advisor and fiduciary, putting your interests first

We will strive to acquire a complete and accurate understanding of your goals, your tolerance for investment risk, and your time horizon

We will explain the implications of the strategies we propose

We will clearly explain all fees

Although not qualified to render advice on tax or legal matters in our role as financial advisors, we will coordinate with your tax, estate and legal representatives

We will update you by email, mail and phone, according to your preference, and meet with you regularly

Your financial and personal information will be kept confidential

We will have fun and minimize the stress involved in creating and implementing your wealth management plan


What We Can Expect

Active and enthusiastic participation in the financial planning process

Effective communication and mutual respect

Willingness to learn

Understand that our recommendations are always based on your best interest, and that all investment, estate, and insurance advice will be based on the information you provide to us

Thorough sharing of financial and life details

Prompt responses

Commitment to a long-term plan and to an investment philosophy focused not on beating the market in the short-term, but on achieving your long-term plan